Maybe I’m really late on this but

I’m using Spotify currently to listen to Toh Kay and out of curiosity checked all the Streetlight albums as to who they are owned by and THTT and SITB are “Kandur Bandi Music” and 99 Songs and Keasby are “Another Victory” and EGN is “Streetlight Manifesto”

So like…. what? Does Streetlight only own one album???

Sidenote: BOTAR and Toh Kay are under Pentimento.

"I won’t forget
The things you said
When I was down
And I was tired of it
The words you spoke
They brought me hope"

Artist: UnknownStreetlight Manifesto
Title: UnknownWe Are the Few
Album: UnknownEverything Goes Numb
Plays: 8


I’d just like someone to watch Star Wars with and sing acoustic covers of Title Fight and Streetlight Manifesto to. 


First birthday in a while that hasn’t sucked???